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Mcgtech Academy is the place where professionals share their knowledge and experience with people who want to become the IT specialists and reach new heights. See what interesting and useful courses are available and join the one that attracts you most.


Who said that good education should cost you money? What makes Mcgtech Academy special is the fact our best specialists share their knowledge for free as well as the fact that the best students are offered to become a part of the Mcgtech team and apply gained knowledge into well-paid and interesting projects.

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Python has become popular among web developers for many reasons. The simplicity and wide opportunities of this programming language make it a top choice for both beginners and professionals. Taking into account this and other reasons, we include Python into the list of our courses for a few years in a row. All theoretical information and practical exercises are provided by our most experienced and creative specialists who work with Python for years. Come to Mcgtech Academy and enjoy learning Python

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For a few years in a row, Front-End specialists continue to be in demand, so if you're interested in this side of web development, then you will always be desirable for IT companies and clients. In terms of the Front-End development courses, you will get the knowledge that extends the basic limits as well as practical skills. In addition, our trainers will teach you how to evolve as a Front-End developer along with this constantly evolving field. Best students will be offered to join the Mcgtech team.

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PHP programming language is used for hundreds of millions of websites and learning it will make you skilled enough to create outstanding dynamic web applications and websites. Here, you have a wonderful possibility to learn PHP and gain a working knowledge on how to put your skills and knowledge into practice. All information will be given to you in an understandable form by our PHP developers, so you will get both theoretical and practical lessons as well as an opportunity to get a job at Mcgtech.

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